acoem Smart monitoring, diagnosis & solutions

ACOEM offers comprehensive products and services comprising smart monitoring, diagnosis and solutions, drawing upon its unique expertise in the field of vibrations and acoustics.

ACOEM contributes to the improvement of :

  • quality of life and risk prevention in urban and industrial environments
  • productivity and the reliability of industrial processes
  • the design of robust and high-performance products with low noise levels
  • protection of sites, vehicles and people in hostile environments

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During the DSEI 2013 exhibition NEXTER introduced TITUS, their brand new armoured wheeled vehicle

Environment/ acoustic camera

Noise Inspector by 01dB: the most efficient acoustic camera of the market.

Environment/ Noise sources by 01dB

01dB introduces a range of noise sources suited to each type of measurement.


FALCON and EAGLE promote condition monitoring.

Materials/ METRAVIB and green tires

DMA, a new contribution to green materials

Acoem/ A new step for ACOEM

A new step for ACOEM with FIXTURLASER acquisition

Environmental solutions

With its 01dB brand, ACOEM contributes to reducing noise and vibrations to levels required by regulations or set out in sustainable development strategies.01dB offers a complete range of products...

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Industrial solutions

Through its ONEPROD and METRAVIB brands, ACOEM offers solutions to improve the productivity and reliability of industrial process.ONEPROD is a range of equipment and condition monitoring...

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Defence solutions

With its METRAVIB brand, ACOEM offers high-performance threat surveillance, detection and localisation solutions for the defence and civil protection sectors. The systems developed by METRAVIB use...

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Material Testing

Through METRAVIB, ACOEM provides laboratories and the industrial sector with instruments for the characterisation of the mechanical properties of materials using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)....

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