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ACOEM Signs Strategic MOU with Hebei Sailhero Environmental Protection, Streamlining Environmental Monitoring in China.

ACOEM Group’s Environment business unit (01dB and ECOTECH) unite to expand market reach into China.

On 11 July 2017, the ACOEM Group signed a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hebei Sailhero Environmental Protection Hi-tech Co Ltd (Sailhero), China’s leading environmental protection company.

ACOEM Group and Hebei Sailhero Environmental Protection MOU signing on 11 July 2017 in Shijiazhuang, China.

Back row: Xian Hui Zhi (Sailhero Sales Director), Guoyin Fu (Sailhero Vice President), Patrice Pischedda (ACOEM Asia Managing Director), Michael Zeng (ECOTECH Asia Business Manager), James Agius (ECOTECH Global Sales and Marketing), Yong Chang Shang (Sailhero R&D Director). Front row: Rongqiang Chen (Sailhero Group President); Fabien Condemine (ACOEM CEO)

Working with China’s market leaders

Based in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, Sailhero is publicly listed on the Chinese stock exchange and employs over 1000 staff, working with provinces throughout the country to protect the environment through air quality monitoring and management, data analysis and publishing of public facing websites for local communities. Sailhero has twice been awarded the prestigious “Leading Company of the Environment Protection” by the China Environment Protection Association (2003 and 2006).

ECOTECH’s longstanding partnership with Sailhero.

ECOTECH, part of the ACOEM Group since May 2017, has worked with Sailhero for almost a decade, providing the highest quality air monitoring gas analyser instruments and integrated solutions for the Chinese market. Although ECOTECH products are sold through distributors in 80 countries globally, China is the only market in which ECOTECH branded instruments are licensed and manufactured locally. ECOTECH formed this landmark partnership in 2008 and has been working side-by-side with Sailhero, Chinese industry and government authorities to improve air quality through state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

The ACOEM Group and Sailhero MOU is an extension of this original relationship and the introduction of 01dB’s noise and vibration monitoring systems complements the suite of environmental monitoring solutions that Sailhero currently delivers.

Integrated air quality and noise monitoring systems

In April this year, ACOEM’s Asia Managing Director, Patrice Pischedda began discussions with Sailhero to integrate 01dB noise and vibration monitoring solutions into its existing and future air quality monitoring contracts in China.

“ECOTECH’s strong affiliation with Sailhero, and in particular, the continued efforts of Michael Zeng, ECOTECH Asia Business Manager and James Agius, ECOTECH Head of Global Sales & Marketing, laid an excellent foundation for 01dB’s expansion in the Chinese market,” said Patrice.

“This MOU not only grows Sailhero’s scope of operations and diversifies its product offering, but also enhances its technical expertise and ability to provide its customers with holistic, fully integrated environmental monitoring systems. It opens up new markets for 01dB, provides access to government contracts and removes infrastructure, regulatory and trade barriers,” he added.

Sailhero has already started collaborating with 01dB – exhibiting together at an environmental show in Beijing in June this year. 01dB technicians have also been working with their Sailhero colleagues to facilitate a greater understanding of 01dB’s product range and the smooth transition of integrating noise monitoring data into existing cloud and server systems.

 ACOEM’s global reach creates better solutions

ACOEM’s enhanced relationship with Sailhero demonstrates the advantages of the Group’s merger with ECOTECH and 01dB. Cross channel marketing and promotion of ACOEM’s environmental products and services in the measurement, analysis and control of all environmental parameters, benefits the entire company, its customers and communities around the world.

“This MOU marks an enormous step forward for the ACOEM Group in China. We are looking forward to growing our business and working closely with Sailhero to help reduce environmental impact in China,” said Fabien Condemine, CEO of the ACOEM Group.

“I would like to thank ECOTECH for the direct role they have played in establishing the connection with Sailhero, and 01dB for building upon this relationship to bring this MOU to fruition” he added.

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